The Buffalo Sabres have fans excited just in time for Christmas.

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The team announced it will be revealing a new jersey design.

Adidas put out a teaser video yesterday. Reverse retro jerseys for all NHL teams will be available Monday Nov. 16.

In the video it's definitely a blue and gold color scheme that's previewed, but no word on what logo will be on the front.

Thankfully, we have the internet to help facilitate discussion on rumors. suggests the logo might be the "butter knives" one from the 2000-2001 season.

"A lot of the conversation today has been what logo the Sabres are going have on the front. The goat head? The butter knives? A logo similar to the 40th anniversary jerseys?


Well, the number on the back of the jersey in the video turns out to be significant. It’s a clue for the year that the retro jersey will mimic. In this case, the 00 represents the year 2000. In the 2000-01 season the club released their red and black “butter knives” jersey."

Now, I know what you're thinking. You really wanted the slug back. Something tells me in market research this time around, the slug's look might have evoked some political feelings.

Kidding! Of course we all want the goat head back. The image of a blue and gold goat head jersey didn't come from any official source. I Photoshopped it because that's the first step in manifestation. I will now print it out and hang it on my vision board.

The goat head is by far the most underappreciated Sabres team logo. Don't you remember the goat head years? We won. A lot. Especially in 2005-2006, when the team finished the season ranked 2nd in the NHL Northeast.

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