With an increasing number of spinoffs and prequel films that take us deeper into the history of Star Wars that the main trilogies skip over, there’s an opportunity to interconnect absolutely everything. Characters from one movie can pop up in another, younger or older, depending on the timeline. Solo: A Star Wars Story hid a very subtle Easter egg in the latest trailer, only visible to the most die hard Star Wars fans. Did you catch it?

Take a look at this shot of Han meeting Lando, and see if you can spot a familiar outfit standing behind him (first spotted by ScreenRant).


That guy in the gray with big gloves is the bounty hunter Tam Posla, a pretty obscure character even for hardcore Star Wars fans. Posla appeared briefly in Rogue One as a minor character walking around on Jedha, and his story was later fleshed out in a Rogue One companion book. He’s a former lawman of the Milvayne Authority, gone rogue and on the hunt for Ponda Baba and Dr. Evanzan, the two guys who accosted Luke Skywalker in Mos Eisley in A New Hope.

While he’s barely a character in Rogue One and isn’t likely to make waves in Solo either, his outfit made Posla pretty popular with the fans, and he’s a recurring character in Kieron Gillen’s Doctor Aphra comic series. Whether or not he actually has any lines in Solo or appears in more than this scene, it’s a fun little factoid keep in your back pocket and save for parties.

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