A Rochester area landlord and housing owner with 117 properties in the region reports that one of his tenants was attempting to sell his property on CraigsList.

WIVB reports that Matt Drouin was having issues with a tenant who hasn't paid in months. To Drouin’s surprise, he came across an ad on Craigslist listing the property for $45,000. Yes, the tenant thought it would be a good idea to post a property he doesn't even own, on the internets biggest scammer website.

“I came to find out it was a tenant that was posing as me, the property owner, looking to ‘sell’ the property and collect cash,” he says.


Drouin says that one man was shown the property by the renter posing as the owner.

When I dove deeper into it, I knew something shady as going on, he was trying to collect cash up front. And I was like ‘that’s not how this stuff works,'” says the man who wished to remain anonymous."


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For starters, if Drouin was to press charges, the tenant is looking at a fraud charge. The weird part of this whole story though, due to Governor Andrew Cuomo's moratorium on evictions, Drouin can't evict anyone until January 1st, 2021. Maybe this situation is different due to the fraud though.

Drouin says until he can catch the renter in the act, or a party actually gets ripped off, there’s not much police can do.

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