Many people in the Utica-Rome area have really fond memories of playing miniature gold at Hot Diggity Dog with A Lickity Split Bun in Rome. Well, that land finally will be seeing something new.

It seemed in 2014 there was a plan to revitalize the well-remembered Hot Diggity Dog golf course according to the Rome Sentinel. The initial plan was to bring it back it seems and make each hole centered around Rome's history. That sure would have been cool if that came to fruition. However, sadly it did not.

The original course owned by Ron and Virginia Rovall closed about 20 years ago and the land Hot Diggity Dog sat on has been vacant since. According to Rome City Hall, that could all be changing very soon. Don't get your hopes up for a new place to play mini-golf though.

After speaking with an official at City Hall, the zoning for the property has been approved to become a self-storage facility. In other words, storage units. Now while that feels like a blow as many people would have wanted another place to bring their kids on a summer day, it really isn't. At least a piece of land that has sat dormant will be put to use.

Everything at this moment is only in the beginning stages and still requires approvals in a lot of areas with the Rome City Board.

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