With Wolfspeed opening up shop in Marcy, the surrounding-area ought to be prepared for the technology their first-of-it's-kind fabrication facility will bring.

That message came from Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente this week who offered an updated plan for Oneida and Herkimer counties to prepare for the future of driving - electric vehicles.

“We all saw at the recent opening of Wolfspeed in Marcy that electric vehicles are an important part of the future of transportation nationally and a key piece of our economy in this county and region,” Picente said. “We are committed to seeing all aspects of this industry grow and that includes preparing Oneida County to be a leader in Upstate New York electric vehicle infrastructure.”

The chip manufacturer recently opened a first in the world 200mm Silicon Carbide plant in Marcy, developing and providing chip technology for electric vehicles and 4G/5G mobile devices, among other tech applications. Governor Kathy Hochul joined the ribbon cutting ceremony for the $1.2 billion facility less than a month ago.

The plan includes identifying appropriate public locations for charging stations, using signage and online maps for awareness to those locations, and even a plan to start replacing outdate units in a just a few years if advancing technology in the EV market skips to the the fast lane.

An artist's rendering of the new downtown Utica hospital which will be named after Utica native, Steve Wynn. (Photo submitted by MVHS)
An artist's rendering of the new downtown Utica hospital which will be named after Utica native, Steve Wynn. (Photo via MVHS)

Picente has already committed to 67 EV charging stations to be included in the new parking garage to be build adjacent to the MVHS Wynn Hospital, which is under construction in downtown Utica. That garage would have the capacity to facility as many as 300 stations, the CE's office said.

''The objective of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Plan is to recommend strategies for supporting current and future EV drivers traveling within the region and between regions across the state. The range of EVs continues to improve each year and is quickly approaching that of a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle that uses petroleum fuel," a release from the CE's office said.

The plan doesn't come with a price tag, and also includes finding and breaking down 'educational resource barriers that may contribute to hesitancy' in switching lanes from ICE to EV.

Multi-year plan timeline provided by Picente's Office:

0-2 years

  • Identify relevant stakeholders.
  • Establish an EV charging station ownership/continuity model.
  • Develop an approved listing of EV charging station sites based on stakeholder discussions.
  • Commence site-level planning.
  • Select a charging station equipment provider.
  • Determine funding needs, timelines and permit requirements.
  • Identify and apply for federal and state funding for EV infrastructure.
  • Install EV charging stations for approved sites.
  • Develop platform for residents and non-residents to easily locate EV charging stations (the Oneida County EV Charging Station Dashboard).

2-5 years

  •  Update approved listing of EV charging station sites.
  • nstall EV charging stations for approved sites.
  • Install signage and visibility improvements related to stations.

5 years+

  • Reassess areas of greatest need for additional EV charging stations.
  • Identify advancements in EV charging technology to replace outdated units.

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