Fresh off of his "Not Dead Yet" tour, Phil Collins is hitting the road this September and October with 15 new tour dates - dubbing this round of dates the "Still Not Dead" tour.

Collins will be playing in Buffalo on October 4th and New York City on the 6th.

Back in 2011, Collins announced his retirement from music. He cited multiple health problems from decades of banging the drums as the reason, including "hearing problems, a dislocated vertebra and nerve damage in his hands" according to "The Telegraph."

In 2016, he announced he was heading back out on tour, the "Not Dead Tour."

He was the dummer and singer of the popular rock band, Genesis, before releasing many successful solo albums. We play him all the time here on Lite 98.7. You may have heard of some of these songs....

According to Rolling Stone, tickets officially go on sale Friday, March 30th, but there are a couple of presales launching next week, too. People with Citi credit cards will be able to buy tickets on the 26th, and “Verified Fans” may start buying them on the 29th. Fans can register for both presales on a specially dedicated website.

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