Just a few weeks ago, I was working on a piece on laserdiscs that still go for top dollar on eBay. One of the most valuable laserdiscs around is Let It Be, the film about the making of the Beatles final studio album and their famous rooftop concert. While the movie was released in 1970, and even won an Academy Award, The Beatles were reportedly not wildly pleased with the results, or how they ended up looking in them. As a result, Let It Be has never been released on DVD or Blu-ray — one reason that laserdisc remains a coveted collector’s item.

But this is an interesting development: outgoing Disney CEO Bob Iger just announced that a new documentary called The Beatles: Get Back is coming to theaters. The film, which contains “never-before-seen footage” from the Let It Be sessions, will open in theaters in September. It’s directed by Peter Jackson.

Here’s the official Disney tweet announcing the news:

Jackson is, of course, best known as the director of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, but he has gotten more involved in documentaries in recent years; in 2018 he directed the critically acclaimed doc They Shall Not Grow Old, using rare and restored World War I footage. Rumors of Jackson working on a documentary of the documentary have been around for a while, most pegged to some kind of release tied to Let It Be’s 50th anniversary — which just happens to be 2020. So The Beatles: Get Back should arrive right on schedule.

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