Paul Stanley said Kiss was “treated like crap” during their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

The frontman insisted that the organization hadn’t wanted to bestow the honor on the band, but the experience represented treatment they’d received since they started out.

“It was validation for our fans, who it meant the world to,” Stanley told 95.7 The Hog (via Blabbermouth). “It was vindication in the sense that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kept us out for 17 years, and were really left with no choice but to begrudgingly let us in.”

He continued: “They treated us like crap, even that night. We had trouble – how about this? – getting into the arena. We had no idea about the rundown of the show or when we were getting on stage. It was disgraceful what they did, but we won. It’s the story of Kiss from the beginning – that people who believed in themselves and who were told that what they were doing wasn’t worth anything and wouldn’t succeed came out on top.”

Asked about whether the band had made a decision about when their farewell tour would finish, Stanley replied: “We do have a final date pretty much planned. We’re not announcing it yet, but it would be crazy to have the End of the Road tour that never ends, so yes, it does end.” He added that he still didn’t believe the band would record any new music, saying: “I can’t really see it at this point, but then again, I never thought I’d write a book, let alone two books. I don’t see it, but who knows?”

Touching on the previously-raised subject of Kiss continuing without any original members, the frontman argued: “A band, an army, a team is about spirit. It's not about the individuals, because members come and go in sports. If somebody falls on the field during a battle in an army, someone else picks up the flag. What I do on stage, I didn't invent the wheel. I'm a combination of all the people who inspired me, and hopefully there's someone else out there who could pick up the guitar and run with it also. … I would be full of myself to say that this can't continue without me.”


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