Operation Sunshine, Toys for Tots, New York Sash's Teddy Bear Toss and WIBX's Keeler Toy Drive are in need of your donations this week as the deadline to give approaches.

The 2020 campaign has been riddled with restrictions due to COVID-19 restrictions, but there are plenty of opportunities to give.

The New York Sash Teddy Bear Toss, with no Utica Pioneers game as normal due to COVID, has been forced to take their scaled down show on the road. New York Sash has constructed a mini ice rink that will be at Babe's at Harbor Point on Friday from 8 a.m. until  6 p.m. where patrons can toss their new, un-used stiffed animal on to the ice to benefit local children in need. In a normal year, the Teddy Bear Toss game  would garner some 5000 stuffed animals for children.

Operation Sunshine is responsible for several non-profit agencies in the Utica-Rome area and must raise some $65,000 to supply the agencies with toys for children, as well as holiday meals for local families. The fund is currently just under $26,000 with just river a week to go until their deadline. To give a cash donation, call Michele Howgate at 315-792-5003 to make a credit card donation, or go to www.opsun.org and donate online.

Local Mack truck dealer Utica Mack made a donation to WIBX's Keeler Show of a toy, battery operated Mack truck for kids valued at $499. The Keeler Show began auctioning the item off on Monday and started with a $250 bid. On Wednesday, bids climbed quickly to an amount over the actual value of the truck, and are currently at a leading bid of $550. The program will accept bids on Thursday and Friday with the deadline for new bids set at 8:45 on Friday morning. All of the proceeds will go to Operation Sunshine.

WIBX's Keeler Toy Drive works with the United States Marines and their Toys for Tots campaign. Unfortunately, normal gatherings to collect toys this year have not been feasible because of the virus, so cash donations are encouraged. If you would like to give to Keeler's Toy Drive contact the program at 315-736-0186, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. through 9 a.m.. You can also email the show here.


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