Look, it really isn't that hard. You find a spot and you pull in. It really should be that simple, but for many in Central New York, it is not.

It isn't even just the concept of pulling into a spot, it also is the simple concept of using your mirrors. You know, those shiny reflective things on your doors and windshield? If you happen to have a car new enough, you even will have a camera that is quite handy in assisting you too.

Let's make this abundantly clear, if you actually know how to drive in a parking lot, this is not aimed at you. But for the person that decided to back out of their parking spot while I was pulling into the spot right next to them, you. This is aimed at you. I had to slam on my brakes and honk my horn, they still decided to back up.

Now, could this have just been an isolated incident? Sure. It seems when I go to the Walmart in Consumer Square, people don't realize that the aisles of the parking lot are designed for traffic flow. They will pull in the wrong way and have to make a 57-point turn to get into the parking space.

It really shouldn't be that hard though. But don't even get me started on paying attention to how fast or slow you're going in parking lots. It seems it's either speed racer or 95-year old that shouldn't have a license anymore. Have you noticed this too?

Cut and short, learn how to drive in parking lots.


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