The Oneida County 40/8 has always been your home in Central New York for great fish fries, but did you know they made amazing chicken wings too?

While searching on Facebook for the spiciest chicken wings in Central New York, this author stumbled on a business I personally didn't know served chicken wings.

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Husband and wife duo of Jose Soto and Lisa Mendoza-Soto are members of the 40&8. They have been members for several years, and have been working on wing recipes for years. Lisa is a bartender at the 40&8, while her husband is the mad wing scientist behind the sauces. The reason they make so many amazing creations is to raise money for 40&8 programs.

Since this pandemic, the Oneida County 40&8 wing sauces have exploded. What you'll find on the menu is some fun and interesting names:

chicken wing menu
Photo via Lisa Mendoza-Soto

So why the names? Jose "names them some weird things only he understands cause he has a weird sense of humor"

You can order wings to go. They are currently taking orders Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday between Noon and 6PM. The list does change so ask about current specials. You can call them at 315-334-2701 to order, which is a direct line to Lisa.

Check out these amazing wings:

Chicken Wings From The Oneida County 40 & 8

When asked about favorites, Lisa had some delicious choices:

MY favorite is the Chipotle ranch and blue devil.....but my all time favorite is the spicy garden and has all things going peppers .... vegetables...garlic... cilantro....can be used for salads ....dips....wings... sandwiches like all the rest."

Be sure to give them a shot and add to your rotation for wings in Central New York.


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