Late Sunday night Notre Dame Principal Chief Roy Kane sent a letter to the Notre Dame community informing them classes will be going virtual until January 4th.

Kane says in the letter that he received confirmation Sunday evening that a student in the Junior/Senior High School tested positive for the coronavirus. Due to State and County Health Department guidelines, Kane says the Junior/Senior High School building will move to fully remote learning until January 4th.

Kane writes,

...this incident will signify the total loss of up to 17 faculty and or staff members as well as the majority of students comprising two grade classes. This makes the delivery of quality classroom instruction as well as responsible supervision impossible at this time.

This exposure will not impact the Notre Dame Elementary School building. At this time the instruction of elementary school students will remain in-person. School administrators will keep the elementary school community informed of any necessary changes.

The communication from Kane mentioned if there was a need for students to get something from their locker, they are asked to contact the main office to make a request to retrieve it.

Until Sunday, Notre Dame High School was one of the few remaining school systems to remain operating under in-person instruction. With the COVID-19 virus considered an "outbreak level" by county officials, it's only a matter of time until the state steps in and sends all classes back to a virtual platform.

Health officials continue to ask the public to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and keeping up a solid hand hygiene regiment. With vaccine distribution set to begin this week, hopefully the end of this Pandemic is near.

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