Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain is a new book about the late Nirvana frontman, written by the band's former manager Danny Goldberg. Released just three days before the 25th anniversary of Cobain's death, the book may have unintentionally brought his unfortunate demise back into the spotlight. Goldberg was recently asked about conspiracy theories surrounding Cobain's passing at a Los Angeles book signing, and he denies theories that the singer was murdered, saying that the idea is entertained because "people are in pain."

Tom Grant is a private investigator, probably most notably known for his involvement in the Soaked in Bleach documentary that attempts to demystify Cobain's death. Goldberg reflected upon the first time he met Grant, saying, "I met Tom Grant once, once was enough...He gave me his reasons about why he thought this was very suspicious. And I said to him, 'Don't you think the Seattle police department would investigate this? It's kind of front-page news, and they're under a lot of scrutiny.'"

Goldberg continues, recalling Grant's accusation of police departments being corrupt, implying that Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, was involved with the police. "I don't think they would even let her into a police station, especially in those days," Goldberg jokes.

"I just feel that was enough for me. And combined with having seen him the week before, knowing the condition he was in, and I know Krist Novoselic shares this view. It's just my unalterable opinion," the former manager affirms. "People are in pain...There is no answer to why some people kill themselves and others don't...You can't always do something. But I understand that people, who are at a distance and in pain, look for explanations and are vulnerable to bullshit artists."

Grant gathered a lot of seemingly-suspicious evidence and accounts from people who knew Cobain and Love to build a narrative in Soaked in Bleach. One of those people was Rosemary Carroll - the couple's lawyer, and Goldberg's ex-wife. In the film, there are tapes of a recorded conversation between Carroll and Grant, in which Carroll tells him she found what appeared to be handwriting template of Cobain's penmanship in Love's purse. Grant used these tapes to raise the assumption that Love wrote the last few lines of Cobain's suicide note.

Goldberg was asked about these tapes during the book signing as well, and whether Carroll actually believed Love had an involvement in his death. "I attribute that to Tom Grant being a liar who taped her [Carroll] without her knowing it, and then edited the tape in a way to alter her feelings. She has never said anything publicly to agree with him. But he took these edited tapes and put them on the internet, and people believe that that's her view...It's part of Tom Grant's crazy conspiracy theory."

Carroll was interviewed by Goldberg for Serving the Servant. Listen to the audio clip of Goldberg's signing below.

A comment was pinned underneath the YouTube video two days ago from a user with the name Tom Grant. "Danny you are making a complete fool of yourself. You know you just fabricated our conversation and that it ended with me asking you to leave because you would not answer my simple questions...So here's a simple offer: You and I, Rosemary and I, or both you, Rosemary and I can put together a public hearing or roundtable which would be video taped," the comment says. Read the full statement below.

YouTube - Truth Serum
YouTube - Truth Serum

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