Nurses across the world, and here in New York, continue to work harder than ever to fight coronavirus on the frontlines. Nike is recognizing their efforts by donating thousands of pairs of Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes to health systems and hospitals in major cities across the globe.

New York City nurses will be among Nike's 30,000 shoe recipients in the United States, along with nurses in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and at the Veterans Health Administration, according to a press release. Nike is also donating an additional 2,500 pairs of Air Zoom Pulses to nurses in hospitals across Europe.

Nike's press release explains that the Nike Air Zoom Pulse was unveiled in 2019 as Nike's first shoe designed with the right fit, cushioning and traction "for the healthcare athlete, an everyday hero." Now it's going to come in handy for thousands who are fighting the pandemic.

As if thousands of free shoes weren't enough of a show of appreciation, Nike has also delivered a variety of other supplies to nurses in partnership with Good360. They have sent over 95,000 pairs of soccer socks to New York City and Los Angeles nurses, and 1,100 Nike Sportswear kits, which include a drawstring bag, water bottle, headwear and socks, to those working in New York City.

Read more about the Air Zoom Pulses and how Nike is continuing to support nurses across the globe on Nike's website.

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