Want the best advice? They say go straight to the horses mouth, or in this case, the fishes mouth. Staff with New York's DEC fisheries are offering gift ideas to give ice anglers.

If you don't ice fish, knowing what to get someone who does is like shooting in the dark. Here is some expert advice from those who do, that goes beyond the necessities like jigging rods, tip ups, and augers

Backpacking stove - perfect for making coffee and food.

Oversized pair of mittens - make sure they are easy to put on and take off.

Power ice auger - Look for one that attaches to a cordless "brushless" drill.

Portable sonar  - Helps find the fish, less expensive than you may think.

Sled - to haul equipment, they make specific ones for ice fishing, but any one will do

Other great gift ideas  - portable heaters, shelters, and safety picks.

Staff members also shared some important tips on purchasing a cordless drill and power auger. Purchase a 20V 'brushless' drill with at least a 3 amp hr. battery. It will last longer and has enough power to cut several holes on one battery.

If you're thinking about taking up the sport, the DEC has tips on learning how, plus the best places to go ice fishing season.

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