The people of CNY never cease to amaze us when it comes to their caring and giving hearts. Lee Center's Emily Peters exemplifies this spirit by becoming a Santa for 41 Seniors.

Santa For Seniors, presented by Fidelis Care, works with the Office for Aging to identify Seniors who are alone during the holidays, often they have no family still living in the area and survive on very limited income. Their needs are simple things like, sweaters, hats, and scarfs or fun things like puzzles and word search books.

Emily worked with family and friends to adopt 41 Seniors in this year's campaign; and we asked her to share some photos of all the presents. Confidentiality laws prohibit us from being able to share photos of the smiling seniors receiving their gifts. Normal years we would able to share pics of all the presents dropped off at our studios, but COVID prevented that from happening too.

Emily, thanks for combining the forces of your friends and family and spending two-and-a-half hours shopping, to make sure everyone has something to smile about during the holidays. And our sincere appreciation to the many people who worked with co-workers and family members to adopt the many seniors on this year's list, including a woman who organized others to adopt our final 27 people.

It's not to late to help, the Office for Aging has new residents arriving every day, Gift cards to local grocery stores and retailers like Target and Walmart allow Seniors to get groceries and needed medicines. Email for more information or send us a message through our Facebook page or on our mobile app.


Photo Credit - Emily Peters
Photo Credit - Emily Peters
Photo Credit - Emily Peters

Big thanks to all my friends and family for helping with my FAVORITE thing to do every year; I appreciate you

Had lots of help from my friends and family, can’t take all the credit

Love to do it. Everyone deserves to have a good Christmas

Photo Credit - Emily Peters
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