Despite best efforts from New Yorkers, State Troopers, and veterinary staff, a bald eagle died after it was found in critical condition from injuries sustained in a fight with two other birds.

Witnesses in Preble notified troopers when they spotted a group of three bald eagles fighting in the air and saw one dropped to the ground. Troopers Dan Huff and Ryan Boline with State Police in Homer found the eagle awake and breathing, but unable to move. According to a Facebook post from the New York State Police, the troopers placed a blanket over the bird, lifted it into a large tote, and transported it to Janet Swanson Wildlife Hospital at Cornell University.

State Police updated their post today with the tragic news that the bird had died because of fatal injuries it sustained when it hit the ground.

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Thank you to the witnesses, troopers and veterinarians for their quick and thoughtful work to try to save this beautiful creature and national emblem.

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