When most people think of New York State (those who don't live here), they immediately think of New York City and really just the city way of living.

The majority of the state is countryside and amazing small towns with awesome people. My fiancee is from the small town of Holley, NY which is just over an hour east of my hometown (Buffalo, NY). Holley's population was just under 1,700 in 2019.

Some of these towns and villages are very small though...shockingly small, in fact. Much smaller than 1,700 people. They're the kind of towns that you drive through and you didn't even realize that the town was even there.

You could even argue some of these towns or villages could be on the brink of "ghost town" status eventually. That's a town that dwindled to no population and basically left abandoned.

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These towns are from all over the State of New York and maybe you've driven through some of them in your travels.

Here are 30 of the smallest towns in New York and check out the estimated populations, courtesy of both City Data-New York and New York Upstate.

The 30 Smallest Towns In New York State On The Brink of Ghost Towns?

The 30 smallest towns in New York State reveal amazingly low population numbers.

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