Okay, so they banned the Styrofoam and the straws. Now they are coming for our paper receipts. Yes, that’s right paper receipts!

NYC lawmakers are considering a ban on some paper receipts and make it a requirement that retailers offer emailed receipts instead of paper ones. Why? They say the receipts are coated with the chemical BPA, which some studies show may harm the female reproductive system. It could require stores to offer e-receipts, or for receipts to be printed on recyclable paper and for businesses to recycle receipts. Anything to protect the environment and our women right?

I already see right now most stores ask you do you want your receipt emailed, printed or both. I usually choose emailed, because I’m constantly losing receipts. A lot of retailers haven’t adapted to the Target store policy, where a receipt isn’t needed if you use your Debit or Credit card. You could lose a paper receipt for your purchase at Target and it would be okay because once you scan your card, they will find the item and the receipt for you. So it does make more sense to have receipts emailed versus printed because it’s better for the consumer where they do not have to hunt for a receipt and it’s also better for the retailer because they do not have to spend money on paper receipts to give to consumers.

All in all, if it comes down to a true health issue that the product on the receipts is bad for the environment and for humans in general, it should be banned. People will not miss them! Thoughts on this?

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