The day time high on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is expected to be in the 20's here in the Capital Region. On top of making sure you bought all of your friends and family their gifts, you will also need to buy oil for the furnace. In the relatively near future that won't be the case in New York State.

If you currently use oil, gas or propane to heat your home, change is coming as those types of furnaces will be phased out of New York and the process could start to take effect within 2 years.

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According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, (DEC) the New York State Climate Action Council have finalized their plan for a nation-leading climate law. This includes moving away from fossil fuel burning furnaces starting in 2025 for new residential construction and 2028 for new commercial construction.

One way to accomplish this in the homes and businesses in New York will be to advance State building codes to require residential and commercial buildings to be built to a zero-emission and highly efficient standard, without equipment used for the combustion of fossil fuels.

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This Plan serves as a bold, monumental achievement not just for New York State, but for the nation and the world, which centers on equity and climate justice across all sectors, building opportunities for all, and ensuring we have a workforce that can transition as seamlessly as possible in our new clean energy economy. - DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos

According to, if you have fossil fuel-burning heating units in your existing home you won't need to make an immediate change. If your unit fails after 2030 you will have to replace it with a zero-emission system. Read the Executive Summary of the Scoping Plan HERE.

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