Searching for some fun relief from the COVID-19 pandemic as you sit in your Pit of Despair?

Well, The Princess Bride board game is here just in time. The new story book board game based on the popular 1987 movie will hit the shelves at Target stores nationwide on October 4, 2020. Here's a description from the manufacturer, Ravensburger, which distributes all sorts of games and puzzles:

This brand new very high quality Deluxe Princess Bride Scwamble Game is certain to become an exciting favorite, as fans can display their astute knowledge of a highly popular word–speak all its own. Words in addition to those in the dictionary like mawage, togeder, and foweva, as well as iconic phrases such as "Tru Wuv" (and more) are all part of the challenging fun.

The unique language is part of the game as you make your way through the fictional kingdom of Florin and battle the Six-Fingered Man, avoid the Shrieking Eels, and have fun storming the castle.

Of course The Princess Bride board game could be just the tip of a trend. Some of our Facebook Friends responded to this question: What other movie should have a board game? Here are some of the top answers...

  • Torrey: At this point?...Outbreak
  • Andy: Caddyshack.
  • Kathy: Any James Bond movie. (The Bond video games on N64 were awesome.)
  • Mike: Jumanji.
  • Rebecca: Goonies.
  • Matthew: Back to the Future. (The game pieces could be different colored Deloreans.)
  • Tim: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  • Scott: Saving Private Ryan.
  • Ron: I think it'd be great if they made Clue into a board game. (We see what you did there, Ron.)

The Princess Bride game is designed for a maximum of four players, so it might be great for some families, but you can also play it solo. Just try to avoid making any of those classic blunders.

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