It's going to cost more to 'Netflix and chill' in Central New York, starting this week.

Netflix announced the planned price hikes back in January - and now that you've forgotten all about them - they're about to hit your bottom line. The movie giant sent an email to all subscribers this week reminding them that they can expect to see higher pries in the next billing cycle.

Netflix's most popular plan will now cost $13 per month, an 18-percent jump from its prior $11 monthly price. Other plans will also increase. The company says the hike is necessary in order to maintain its competitive edge and continue to deliver top quality. Depending on your plan, you could be paying anywhere from $9 to $16 per month to stream movies and television shows.

Netflix says the price increase is to offset the costs of creating original programs - like the wild successful 'Bird Box' that aired earlier this year. Netflix will also be facing increased competition from new players in the streaming world, like Disney and Apple.

Will the price increase cause you to change your plan?

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