Neil Young will release a rare '70s-era concert recording while he continues work on a still-unformed new studio LP.

Tuscaloosa will be the next item in his online Archives series, and its focus will be on an obscure Feb. 5, 1973, date in Alabama. Apparently, no bootlegs currently exist of the show. But it piqued Young's interest.

"It’s [a concert] from the period right around Harvest and Tonight’s the Night," he told Rolling Stone. "For me, it’s edgy. It’s like those mellow songs with an edge. It’s really trippy to be down in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and singing those songs from Harvest and the songs that we were doing for Time Fades Away before it came out. I found this thing and it had such a great attitude to it. I just loved the whole night, so I put that together with [engineer] John Hanlon. That will be our next album."

Young had already completed Odeon/Budokan, a different archival live record focusing on Crazy Horse's 1976 tour, before turning his attention to the Alabama tapes. "That’s ready to go," he said. "It was supposed to be coming in about six weeks, but I found something else that I wanted to put out first. Odeon/Budokan is ready to go, but Tuscaloosa is next."

Further down the road, Young's Archives series will reportedly feature Chrome Dreams, Homegrown, Boarding House and Toast.

Young's most recent original studio album was 2017's The Visitor, recorded with Promise of the Real. He's still unsure what form a follow-up might take. "I’m writing songs and I’ve written some really interesting songs, I think, for me," Young said. "I don’t know where I’m going. I’m just going. Then when I arrive I’m sure I’ll identify it, but I don’t know where that is right now."

Tonight’s the Night featured contributions from Nils Lofgren, who Young now confirms will return for the next round of shows with Crazy Horse.



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