Mohawk Valley Health System physicians, nurses and staff have an important message to share with the community.

At a news conference on Wednesday, MVHS frontline employees asked the community to show understanding, support and kindness as they do their best to take care of patients during the COVID crisis.

MVHS officials say healthcare workers are subject to increasing aggression and mistrust after two exhausting and stressful years of being on the frontlines fighting COVID.

courtesy of Mohawk Valley Health System
courtesy of Mohawk Valley Health System

A recent report from the American Psychiatric Association found that eight out of 10 Americans said the pandemic has created significant stress in their life.

“At MVHS, we have been striving to acknowledge and understand the frustration, fear and stress that families and patients are facing during these trying times,” said Dr. Avinash Kambhampati, Assistant Medical Director for the MVHS Emergency Department. “I believe our staff have been going the extra mile with this in mind. They are doing all that they can to provide our community with the healthcare services it needs. Given workforce shortages and historic numbers of patients in our facilities, please be patient and understanding with us. It may take us longer to answer phones. You may wait longer in the Emergency Departments for non-urgent care. It may take longer to have an appointment scheduled. Just know, we are doing the best we possibly can and respect that.”

MVHS officials say friends and family members of patients will be asked to leave and will be escorted off the property by MVHS Security if they do not act appropriately.”

There are signs in the lobbies of all MVHS facilities that ask visitors to treat staff with respect, compassion and kindness.

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