Several Correctional Officers were injured as a result of an attack by an inmate. The total was four. Those four officers were injured at the Mohawk Correctional Medium Security prison in Rome, New York.

Bryan Hluska is the Vice President of the New York State Correctional Officer Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA). Hluska says the attack occurred in the housing dorm where an inmate, believed to be high on an intoxicant, targeted an officer in the officer's station. On Monday, January 10th, this inmate walked out of the bathroom and approached the officer who was sitting and began punching him, according to Hluska. The officer was struck several times.

Three officers then came to the aid of that officer after he escaped the attack and called for assistance. Hluska says as the other officers arrived to that area of the prison, the inmate began throwing equipment and smashing things. After the other officers gave the inmate commands to stop, he refused and began attempting to attack the first officer again, according to Hluska. Staff then grabbed the inmate and put him in a body hold, forcing him to the ground. Hluska says OC Spray had to be administered due to the inmate's continued combative behavior. Ultimately, the spray was effective and the inmate became compliant.

Hluska says the inmate was moved to the infirmary and medical staff determined the inmate was on an unknown intoxicant and after receiving treatment was transported to a special housing unit. Hluska says,

After a record setting year in 2021 for assaults on staff, the new year is beginning very much the same, with unprovoked attacks on staff.  This will continue until our elected officials begin to recognize that their ill-conceived policies, like HALT, have created a very dangerous environment for officers and civilian staff. Until they take action and reverse these policies every single staff member will continue to be in danger, and that is on their hands.

The officer attacked initially was sent to Rome Hospital for treatment of injuries including pain to his eye, cheek, elbow, nose and a laceration to his lip. Hluska says the officer got five stitches to close a cut. The other three officers were treated by medical professionals for minor injuries and remained on duty. Hluska says the inmate who is responsible for the attack is a 29-year-old male who is serving a seven year sentence after being convicted of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in 2017. He is facing disciplinary charges.

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