Imagine a spot so chilly, that even in the heat of summer...there's snow. You can see for yourself, just 2 hours from Utica.

When you live in Central New York, you have a love/hate relationship with snow. You love how pretty it looks on Christmas Day, and the fun of winter sports but you probably hate shoveling out the driveway and the wet slush that seems to get everywhere. In summer - we miss the cool of winter, and in winter, we crave the warm sunshine of summer.

Credit: Emily Michalenko via
Credit: Emily Michalenko via

There's a spot in New York that solves that conflict: The Snow Hole. Winter lovers can get their fix of snow, even on the hottest summer day.

The geophysical phenomenon happens due to the formation of the limestone in the Taconic Mountains in New York.

According to Atlas Obscura, the Snow Hole was described in 1818, by Chester Dewey, a professor at nearby Williams College:

“The rocks are cleft in several places, and in one to such a depth that the snow and ice remain there through the year. The snow hole is about 30 feet long and nearly as deep at the east end, ascends to the west or toward the summit of the ridge and is from 10 to 20 feet wide. When I visited in June the snow was six feet deep on ice of unknown depth.”

If you're craving a little snow right now, you can follow the Taconic Crest Trail to the Snow Hole. describes the hike as a "heavily-traveled 6 mile out-and-back".

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