Hollywood has nothing on Mother Nature. Menancing clouds over New York look like something from straight out of the movies.

Trends Shot posted the video on YouTube of ominous clouds hanging over Brooklyn, New York on June 9.

Credit - Trend Shot via YouTube

No other information was provided on when the storm actually rolled through. "This is a classic super cell thunderstorm," Texas Boy wrote. "These types of storms often produce tornadoes and are very dangerous."

They also produce lightening and heavy rain. Both can be seen in the video you can watch above.

Credit - Trend Shot via YouTube

The storm clouds remind me of The Day After Tomorrow, a movie about an enormous superstorm that set off catastrophic natural disasters throughout the world, including in New York City.

Credit - Trend Shot via YouTube

Or even Independence Day when Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum had to save the world from being destroyed by aliens.

Credit - Trend Shot via YouTube

Several storms have recently rolled through Central New York. The National Weather Service confirmed a small tornado touched down in Lee Center around 3:30PM on Thursday, June 3.

Next time Hollywood makes a weather related movie, they could save a lot of time, money and special effects and just use footage of the real thing.

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