A Central New York couple married 54-years (err..55 years) went back and forth in a hilarious email exchange highlighting the beauty, comedy and some of the chores associated with a long and happy marriage.

The discussion started on our daily Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX 950 and involved the video clip below. In it, a man happily wed for 75-years is asked the keys to a long lasting and happy marriage.

His response: "Well, just the normal three things that you have to do - take out the trash, put down the toilet seat and [say] Yes, Dear!"

After briefly sharing the viral clip with our radio audience, a listener to the show emailed me to say that she'd heard the segment and wanted to 'vent' on the topic.

Email from 'L':

Morning Jeff
Glad to have you back! ...this morning you had a short piece on about "happy marriages"
My husband and I have only been married for 54 years - and while he does the three things, I do
        1. cooking
        2. cleaning
        3. washing, drying AND ironing
        4. bill paying /  tax preparation
        5. buying and sending cards
        6. gardening
        7. telephone answering
Thanks for letting me vent...
In response, I thanked 'L' for her comment and concluded  '...There's always more to the story!'
Well, little did I know, 'Mr. L' would be the one to receive my email reply. Once he saw the exchange, he quickly took the opportunity to tally up his tasks as well.
Email reply from 'Mr. L', immediately responding to my comment that 'there's always more to the story:'
There sure is.
Vent this -
While wife is doing her listed items, husband is doing:
  1. plumbing
  2. carpentry
  3. heavy lifting
  4. fixing [everything]
  5. providing [fill in the blank]
  6. making wife’s computer work
  7. making wife’s printer work
  8. remembering our anniversary (because wife doesn’t know we’ve been married 55 years, not 54)

Keep this up and there may not be a 56.

Thank you to both 'Mr. and Mrs. L' for sharing some of the keys to marriage success. And, here's to another 55-years of wedded bliss!

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