It's crazy to think that some drivers might just keep on trucking, literally.

Many truck drivers have weighed in with their feelings of uneasiness about driving through cities with a defunded or stripped down police force.

It appears that recent protests calling for the police to be defunded have been starting to gain traction as a few cities have already started making moves towards shifting funds away from police departments and New York City is one of the cities on the list according to Fox News.

According to a recent survey from the CDL Life News, just over 75% of truck drivers said that they wouldn't deliver cargo to a city with a defunded police department. Truck drivers have many concerns that seem to only keep growing. according to CDL News, drivers have been pushing through a pandemic as well as protest for months. Drivers carry often carry expensive cargo and sometimes risk their own truck.

The article in CDL Life News stated that drivers took the survey through their app and many voiced their concern about safety.

According to the, truck drivers have one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country.

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