Just over 2 hours east from Utica you will find Fort Edward New York. One lucky man who just won $10 million calls this part of NY home with his pet dog. Thanks to that pet dog, he just won all that money.

New York Lottery officials say that 73-year-old Dale Farrand recently won the $10 million prize on a Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. Dale bought the $30 ticket at a Cumberland Farms convenience store while buying a snack for a special friend:

“I went into the Cumberland Farms to buy some Slim Jim’s for my dog Boots and decided to buy a ticket,” explained Farrand. “I scratched it in the car and started shaking when I realized I won.”

He will receive a net check totaling $6,718,000 after required with holdings. Dale reports that his current plans are to pay off his mortgage, make home improvements and help his children and grandchildren. I would also bet that he plans on buying cases of Slim Jims for Boots.


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