As the world can feel dark and bleak, you need a smile. That smile comes from a pup out of Little Falls.

The town of Little Falls New York now has an official dog. Meet Lyric the pup. Local resident John Nemcek adopted Lyric from the humane society a few years back. Recently, the pair were out for a walk when Lyric became a hero:

On this walk, Lyric froze and stared at something between the two churches down on Albany Street. When John tried to get the dog to continue, she refused, instead sitting there and staring. When checked to see what the dog was focused on, he heard a man cry out for help. John called 911 and soon two police officers were there to help the man get inside. As temperatures were in the single digits that night, Lyric might have saved a life.

To recognize Lyric’s heroics, she has been named her the Official Dog of Little Falls. Holding that title comes with some solid benefits.

1) Lyric now has unfettered access to all of the city’s fire hydrants and she can stop down to the Fire Station where there will always be a treat ready for her.

2) Lyric is also fortunate that she lives around the corner from Councilman Dan Carter. Lyric has permission to sniff Dan whenever she pleases.

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If you see Lyric out and about with John, please congratulate her on her new title, and saving a mans life.

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