You can't say you support small business in Utica and then refuse to wear a mask - it's that simple. If you're putting small business in the position of having to police your mask wearing, and you're yelling at their employees, you might be a jerk.

Several restaurants and bars have either decided to close, or have contemplated shutting their doors simply because customers can't follow a simple rule: no mask, no service. On top of that, when customers are asked to follow the Governor's executive order - they berate restaurant staffers.

It's pretty simple: wear a mask. You can't be deeply concerned about the economy and then refuse to do the thing that's currently helping our economy - and especially small business - stay open.

Friends of mine who own or work at local businesses here in Utica and the surrounding area say they've been surprised by the anger they've faced from a small percentage of people who think the rules don't apply to them.

The truth is - no matter what fake YouTube scientists say - cloth masks are the best way we have to protect others from COVID-19. You're not wearing a mask for you, you're wearing it to protect others. The science says that the simple act of wearing a cloth mask can help contain droplets of saliva or sneezes that can spread the virus. 

It's not that hard to put on a mask to enjoy your favorite restaurant - or local business. We recently had dinner at Tailor and the Cook, and we probably had to wear our masks for a total of 5 minutes - if that. Why is that hard for some people?

Wear your mask - or stay home. Disagree? Send your thoughts to me:


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