If you love burgers and saving money New York is a good place to be!

I don't think there isn't a person living that doesn't enjoy a good burger. Whether it's all beef, some sort of combination of meats, turkey, or a veggies burger, there are burgers for everyone.

So how much does a burger cost here in New York? As it turns out there's one city where burgers rank among the cheapest in the nation right here in the Empire State.

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According to a new report from Betway, of 50 cities in the United states New York City is one of the cheapest places to get a burger.

I know, I was as shocked as you to find out that NYC was on the cheap side of the list. They landed at the number 9 position with an average burger cost of $11.49. Obviously that price can fluctuate, but $11 for a good burger is a rarity these days.

attachment-Cheapest cities for burgers

Philly was the cheapest place to find a burger where San Francisco was ranked as the most expensive city to find a burger in the United States. The average burger price in San Fran is over $16.

The Capital Region's 10 Best Burgers [RANKED]

Ground beef patty, bun, toppings, and condiments. Sounds simple, right? Far from it! A perfect burger is an art form and just like a great painting, each brush stroke of ingredients is essential to the final product. The chef is the artist, and there are the best restaurants in the Capital Region for a burger masterpiece.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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