Immersive Dino Exhibit Coming to Upstate NY

An immersive, exciting, new dinosaur exhibit -  hundreds of millions of years in the making - is set to ROAR into the Capital Region this March, and we got to take a sneak peek at this awesome new event.

Considered a global phenomenon, this exhibit has had tremendous success in major cities throughout the world including Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Seoul, Melbourne, and Brussels, and now, Schenectady’s Armory Studio, the same venue that had the incredible Van Gogh display.

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Photo: Dinos Alive

"Dinos Alive is a dinosaur exhibition featuring life-size animated replicas in an immersive Jurassic venue. Walk alongside the massive creatures that roamed our world millions of years ago!" - Dinos Alive Press Release


What You Need to Know about Dinos Alive

  • 80 highly accurate animatronic dinosaur models, immersive projection technology, virtual reality, theatrical lighting, elaborate scenery, and hands-on activities
  • Dinos Alive showcases some of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the planet, including the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex, Apatosaurus, and the fierce Spinosaurus.
  • Named a CNN Must See Attraction.
  • Guests of all ages can mix it up with the dinosaurs as well, coloring them every shade of the rainbow, racing a Velociraptor to see who’s fastest, engaging in multiple selfie opportunities, and even riding a dinosaur.
  • Dinos Alive also has a 2,500-square-foot virtual aquarium where guests can dive into the deep sea and interact with Jurassic sea giants in their natural habitat.
  • The 60-75-minute experience also offers educators an opportunity to enrich their classes through K-12 educational materials aligned to state standards.
  • To learn more about dates, times, ticket prices, or any other questions, click here.

Sneak A Peek at the Awesome New Dino Exhibit Coming To Upstate NY

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

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WOW! This is a special property and a huge estate. There is a mini amusement park complete with a go-kart track (go-karts included) and a waterslide. The waterslide leads into a heated saltwater pool. There is also a volcano display in the middle of the go-kart track! Also on the property are a koi pond, a tennis court, and a helicopter pad. This estate sits on 30 acres and is located in Rotterdam. The asking price is $1.8 million. 

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LOOK! Abandoned Orange County Chopper HQs in Newburgh-TLC's 'American Chopper'

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.
In 2003, a father-son business reality show hit the Discovery Channel. It was called American Chopper and it followed the custom motorcycle-building business of the Teutul family out of Newburgh, NY. Paul Sr. owned the shop with sons Paul Jr. and Mikey working in the business. There was a slew of cast and characters. The center of the show wasn't just the amazing custom motorcycles built for celebrities and others, it was the volatile relationship between Sr. and Jr. The show ran for 12 seasons before the two could no longer get along. It ended up in lawsuits and the two not talking for ten-plus years. In the past few years, the business moved to Florida. This left the 61,000-square-foot headquarters for sale and abandoned. Take a look at what remains of Orange County Choppers.

Gallery Credit: © 2020 CBRE, Inc.,, chrissy cavotta-Townsquare Media


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