This comes as no surprise to me but New York has some of the strictest driving laws in the United States? What about you?

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A new study by FINN looked at the different states and their regulations concerning reckless, aggressive, or careless driving. What they found was that New York is big on road safety and keeping road rage and aggressive behavior down. That's surprising.

New York's Ranking

Among the states they looked at, New York ranked 45th for road rage, with a road rage score of 2.33 out of 10. This may seem low but it isn't and shows that New Yorkers aren't afraid of each other while they're driving.

Over 1/3rd of New Yorkers have reported having a verbal altercation, been insulted or threatened insults  while driving, and this puts New York at the 13th place in the United States.

Strict Driving Laws in New York

To try and stop the aggressive driving and to help with road safety, the Empire State has some pretty strict laws. The maximum penalties for reckless and aggressive driving include jail sentences, fines, and license suspensions.

The state of New York thinks that if they make the penalties strict, maybe drivers will stop being so aggressive on the road and will follow the laws of the road. It's a nice thought but how is that working so far.

Comparison with Other States

Even though New York has strict driving laws, it's behind Arizona, California, and Delaware in the severity of its penalties. These states have higher prison time, fines, and license suspensions..

Concern for Road Safety

New York's driving laws are considered strict and apparently they need to be. The research shows that road rage incidents and aggressive driving continue to be a huge concern.

Nationwide Scenario

Arizona holds the highest score for confrontational drivers, with over 80% of drivers experiencing road rage. Montana tops the list for the most fatal car accidents per capita, which shows that the state needs more road safety put in place.

In the meantime, Mississippi saw the highest number of deaths per 100,000 residents because of car accidents.

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