We've been hearing a lot about artificial intelligence lately and I'll be completely truthful- part of me is fascinated and part of me is absolutely terrified.

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While there are some truly dark sides to artificial intelligence, such as the story of the man who took his life following an interaction with an artificial intelligence chatbot, there are some more lighthearted sides, too.

Researchers from Cornell University in New York wanted to find out just how creative chatbots are and so they asked six different chatbots random questions such as "How many uses for a fork can you think of?"

After asking the chatbots the question, researchers asked humans the same bunch of questions and really, it should come as no surprise that the chatbots were able to think of more uses for a fork than the humans were.

Maybe it's because so many humans are so burned out from carrying multiple jobs at work because of downsizing but I'm guessing that didn't fit into the narrative of the study and so it wasn't factored.

The chatbots came up with more uses for a fork than 90 percent of humans were able to come up with, and some of the answers were clever like using a fork to clean under your fingernails or fight off a zombie with one.

On the other hand, there were the answers that were just plain awful and most of the advice wouldn't be followed by the average person, but there are some who might take the chatbox answers as good ideas which could lead to undesirable results.

One of the awful suggestions to the question of uses for a fork came from Copy.ai  which suggested a fork could be played in a game of tag. The chatbot suggested this eyebrow-raiser: "You could play tag where everyone has to find each other with a fork before they get eaten by a bear."

Experts are leaning toward the belief that chatbots can be used for creative thinking and sparking ideas in humans but I think that it's important to remember the other side of chatbots where they're limited on emotional capabilities and offer suggestions that could maim or kill someone, or lead to someone taking their own life.

Word of caution: if you're a parent, tread carefully with artificial intelligence, and stay on your children  - know what questions they're asking and what conversations they're having with AI.

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