I've mentioned before that I am a recent transplant to Central New York. I grew up in the northeast so you'd think I would be ok with these crazy temperatures we experience here. There is just this one big part of my past that is so completely at odds with this that I feel everyday is kind of like a bad game of Mortal Kombat. Yes, Sub Zero wins.

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In my very early twenties, I moved to Nashville Tennessee. That first winter we got an ice storm on Christmas Eve. No big deal to me as I was bred for this kind of stuff. There was only one problem. In Nashville, there is no road treatment budget. Storms like this happen only once a year or less so why put funding into salt or pre treatment. So in times like the aforementioned, the state closes down and I didn't have to go to work.

Over the next 15 years or so, I experienced very little freezing temperatures or snow or ice storms. One day might be in the thirties, but then by the weekend we were right back to the sixties. Sure, I missed having regular seasons but I did not miss the Nor'easters.

Fast forward to today when my coworkers heard me not being overly enthused about our impending drop below zero. "Welcome to Central New York" they all said, practically in unison like Artificial Intelligence with pre programmed answers for this sort of thing. Maybe I lost my toughness int he lap of southern sunshine and hospitality. Or maybe I just didn't want to get out of my warm bed this morning. But happily, the weekend is upon us, and just like in Nashville it is int he sixties again, at least in my house, under a blanket, with hot cocoa. Sub Zero wins.

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