It’s well known by now that I have just moved to Central New York. I am looking forward to exploring all that this area has to offer. This not only means the search for interesting locations but also experiencing things that are held sacred to this area. As an outsider trying to get in, I do have some questions. Say it with me now...

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What is a Turkey Joint?

No really, this time I am asking.

As names of food go, this one does fall to the side of a bit off-putting. Apparently, the glory is found in looking past the name. Perhaps we should all remember that a rose by another name smells as sweet and that a turkey joint by any other name may taste as sweet but would perhaps be less memorable.

So far, this is the one food local favorite I have not come in close proximity to at this point, so I am really going in blind and relying on my Pronunciation Intern (our local intern who helps me with the names of places I don't know) to teach me.

“I know nothing about Turkey joints, and I’ve lived here my whole life. I hear they have a lot of caramel”

Well that wasn't terribly helpful. I guess, sometimes you need to get a second opinion. I asked another coworker with more knowledge of this confection.

“They are a hard candy on the outside and kind of like creamy in the middle. They’re very different. You have to try one”

This might be my favorite of all the local food that I haven't tried yet due to the mystery surrounding it. I find myself exponentially intrigued and almost feeling the need to get my hands on a Turkey Joint for a taste test ASAP.

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