The new Wynn Hospital secured a massive designation from both the New York State Department of Health and DNV for stroke treatment.

The Mohawk Valley Health System announced the new honors and explained why this is huge for Central New York.

A Major "Wynn"

Becoming an accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center means a facility is the best-equipped hospital in the area to diagnose and treat any kind of stroke.

stockdevil from Getty Images
stockdevil from Getty Images

The Mayo Clinic says strokes are a medical emergency that require immediate attention to reduce the chance of brain damage or other complications. Strokes happen when blood flow to the brain is either blocked or reduced, which deprives brain tissue of necessary oxygen. Without oxygen, brain cells die in minutes.

The St. Luke's campus in Utica earned such recognition in 2021 and the title transferred to Wynn Hospital when the facility transferred to the new building. Five days after moving to the new hospital the DNV performed an on-site survey and found no areas in need of improvement.

The DNV then submitted their findings to the DOH, who reviewed the data before conducting its own survey before reaffirming the certification.

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The designation is based off of guidelines from the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association, which affirms that the medical center addresses the full spectrum of stroke care from diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education. Additionally, it establishes clear metrics to evaluate outcomes.

MVHS Stroke and Neuroendovascular Surgery director, Varun V. Reddy, celebrated the honor in an official statement:

With stroke care, you must have the best clinicians and resources, but also the ability to act organizationally with extreme efficiency because of the time-critical nature of these events. This certification from DNV and NYS DOH validates all the effort we have put into this program to ensure the health and safety of our patients.

When a person experience a stroke, it is imperative they receive immediate treatment to prevent further damage.

Wynn Hospital is well equipped to handle such patience, as it offers the ability to quickly diagnose and treat patients. The hospital also employs cutting-edge stroke treatments and therapies like the clot-busting drug tPA, which can quickly dissolve clots and restore blood flow by opening blocked blood vessels.

What This Means for CNY

Wynn's designation makes it just the seventh health system in all of Upstate New York to be named a Comprehensive Stroke Center. Wynn Hospital is now the only location between Albany and Syracuse to have this certification.

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Darlene Stromstad, president and CEO of MVHS, explained why this benefits Central New Yorkers:

Being a Comprehensive Stroke Center means that the Wynn Hospital provides the same level of advanced stroke care that can be found in many larger cities and health systems across the country, and we are doing this right here in our community. In fact, we continue to be among the largest — typically ranking second or third — comprehensive stroke centers in New York state. It is truly impressive.

Stroke fatalities have declined over the past years because hospitals like Wynn have invested in treatments and protocols to rapidly assist those suffering from this serious condition.

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Additionally, such treatments are also reducing the chances of stroke patients becoming disabled or suffering complications.

Recognizing Stroke

The easiest way to determine if you or someone you love is experiencing a stroke is by thinking "FAST"

  • F - Face. If you notice one side of the face drooping, ask the person to smile.

  • A - Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms and notice if one drifts or is immobile.

  • S - Speech. Is the person slurring or speaking strangely? Ask them to repeat a simple phrase.

  • T - Time. If someone is exhibiting any of the above systems, call 911 immediately. The faster help arrives, the better chance that person has at survival.

This protocol should be followed even if a person's symptoms come and go or even disappear completely.


The fact that a hospital in Central New York has the best possible technology and treatments to help stroke victims, it means residents here are safer than ever.

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