Two cities in New York have been found to be the rudest in the entire country. In fact, one has been named #1.

When you think of rude people, what do you imagine them doing? Most people tend to think of awful driving habits, bad manners, and a heightened sense of entitlement.

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But where in the United States will you find the most people with these bad attitudes? Unfortunately, they're right here in New York.

New Rude Cities Survey

A recent survey from Business Insider claims to have identified the rudest cities in all of America - and a place in the Empire State dominated the polls with over a third of the vote.

The publication surveyed over 2,000 adults and asked to choose the five rudest cities from a list of the 50 largest metro areas in the country. The results was compiled from two separate online polls.

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Topping the list was none other than The Big Apple - A.K.A. New York City. With over a third of the vote, NYC was crowned the rudest city in all of America.

In fact, 34.3 percent of all respondents put NYC at the top of their list, which is nearly twice as much as second-place finisher Los Angeles, California. You can read more about this survey HERE.

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Strangely enough, another survey - this time from - also named NYC the place with some of the worst residents in the entire country.

It shouldn't come as too much as a shock that NYC earned this not-so-great badge of honor, as the city has been widely viewed as terrible for centuries. In fact,  President John Adams said in 1774:

I have not seen one real gentleman, one well-bred man, since I came to town. At their entertainments there is no conversation that is agreeable; there is no modesty, no attention to one another. They talk very loud, very fast and altogether. If they ask you a question, before you can utter three words of your answer they will break out upon you again and talk away

Then again, those who are pro-NYC argue that the city is only seen as unwelcoming because it is so cramped and offers hardly any space for privacy.

However, another city beat out the Big Apple in a different roundup and it honestly might surprise you.

New Rudeness Survey

A different kind of survey was released by Insurify and it based a city's rudeness off the temperaments of their drivers. Those who have the most aggressive people behind the wheel - as in those who gleefully cut people off or tailgate - managed to earn a spot on this recent roundup.


Interestingly enough, despite the tangled mess that is New York City traffic, it failed to earn a mention on this list.

Instead, the honor went to none other than Schenectady.

According to Insurify:

Despite having just over 67,000 residents, Schenectady greatly surpassed more populated New York cities with a 120% higher rate of rude driving violations than the state average. Schenectady is the only city that appeared on last year’s list as well.

Schenectady was found to have one of the highest percentages of drivers with violations on their record - with 1.93 percent, which is 120 percent higher than the state average.

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You can read more about this interesting study HERE.

What do you think? Does New York deserve to be home to two of the nation's rudest cities? Let us know in the comments below.

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