A pizzeria with locations in Rome and Oneida has gained a lot of extra attention this past month after they were forced to change their name.

The Pizzeria, which used to be called Sinatra's, was contacted by the family and foundation of Frank Sinatra with a cease-and-desist e-mail asking them to discontinue the use of the name "Sinatra." Apparently, they license the name for restaurants in hotels and casinos across the country. Well, Justin Gillette took to social media to announce the news and decided to have the public help to pick the new name.

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There were several great ideas for alternate identifier's of this popular Rome and Oneida eatery, but unfortunately there can only be one. Gillette announced on April 1st via Facebook,

I wanna make a decision today/tonight. The 2 I’m leaning towards are Ambys my youngest daughter and Artanis which is Sinatra backwards. I will go with whoever gets more votes on this post by 10pm.

The final two candidates for names were Amby's, which is the name of Gillette's daughter, and Artani's. That is Sinatra spelled backwards. Well, the people of the Facebook page have spoken and Gillette decided to honor their votes. The new official name of the former Sinatra's Pizzeria is Artani's.

One thing Gillette has assured the public will never change is the quality of their ingredients, food and service. You can visit the new Artani's at their location in Rome at 433 W Thomas Street or in Oneida at 128 North Main Street. Pizza, wings and most Italian things is what you can find at this now famous eatery.

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