A New York zoo is celebrating the birth of four wolf pups that could help the threatened species from total extinction.

The Trevor Zoo, located in Millbrook, announced that there are four new red wolves in the world. With official estimates saying there's only 20 of these beautiful animals left in the wild, these pups are going to play a critical role in the species' survival.

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Momma wolf, Flora, is doing great and you can watch her and her small babies via the zoo's live feed from the wolf den. Chaco, the father, also appears in the live feed.

The zoo revealed the litter has 2 boys and 2 girls - and all are very healthy. A recent vet visit determined that Flora is an excellent mother and is doing a wonderful jobs raising her babies.

Check out this adorable video of the contented puppies enjoying some dinner.

The red wolf is officially the most endangered canid in the world.

It's estimated that there are only 257 red wolves in captivity, in addition to the 20 to 30 believed to be existing in the wild. The animals were once prevalent in the United States but the wild population was hunted to extinction in 1980.

Thanks to successful breeding programs and zoos participating in the Species Survival Plan, these amazing creatures are being reintroduced into the wild. However, the population suffered a horrific loss last year when a breeding male was found shot to death in North Carolina.

RDeMaster from Getty Images
RDeMaster from Getty Images

A $15,000 reward was offered to find the killer.

The Red Wolf Recovery Program was luckily able to play Cupid and successfully introduced a new male to the resident female wolf that had lost her mate.

The pair recently welcomed 8 pups, which was enough to raise the red wolf's wild population by 50 percent.

You can see this extremely rare breed up close at the Trevor Zoo, which is just as unique as the wolves themselves. This learning zoo is located at Millbrook school, making it the only one in the planet that is in a high school. The zoo gives students hands-on learning experience on how to care for zoo animals.

However, you must register in order to visit the grounds, which you can sign up by clicking HERE.

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