After dealing with consecutive rainy, cloudy and even snowy weekends since the beginning of fall, Central New York will finally see the sun on a Saturday and Sunday.

New York Trapped in a Viscous Weather Cycle

Heavy Rains Cause Flash Flooding In Parts Of New York City
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If you recall, New Yorkers began noticing a bizarre weather pattern around Halloween, where it kept raining every weekend. Soon, people began counting how many weeks it had been since there's wasn't an ounce of rain on a Saturday or Sunday.

Soon, 5 weeks turned into 8 weeks... then the numbers hit the double digits and kept growing. Some parts of the state saw rainy conditions for 15 weekends straight.

And when the streak was broken in Central New York, we made high mass about it by writing how excited we were to see the big, fiery ball in the sky on a Saturday and Sunday.

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For those wondering when the above article was written, it was in November.

Since then, the weather continued to favor soggy conditions and really embraced the rain and snow all throughout the month of January.As the months grew colder, snow began taking over our weekend forecasts.  Bright, sunny days became a distant memory.

Central New York endured so much rain, the area dealt with frequent road closures due to flooding. Not only that, lawns became a proverbial soup of mud, gunk and grossness. Anyone who had to send their white dog out to do their business in the backyard knows full well what I mean by that.

However, a reprieve is finally coming! Starting on Saturday, the region will see nonstop sunshine for about a week straight and, with it, some much-needed drying for the ground.

Here Comes the Sun

Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM
Photo by Bill Keeler / TSM

The most recent forecast from the National Weather Service is showing a sight many of us haven't seen in months, which is back-to-back days with "sunny" in the forecast.

Starting on Friday night, the clouds will finally begin breaking up and moving out of the region - giving way to sunshine to wake us up on Saturday morning. Temperature that day are currently said to hover around the 35-degree mark.

Central New Yorkers will finally be able to see the stars after sometime on Saturday evening, with clouds remaining out of the way. But temperatures will be a bit chilly, with the mercury dropping to around 22 degrees.

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Sunday will have abundant sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high 30s. The crisp and clear conditions will stick around far into the night, with a low around.'s 10-day forecast continues the good news train with sun icons set next to every day until Saturday, February 10.

Sun will gradually fade the previous Friday, February 9, but temperatures by that time will be in the mid-40s.

A Look Ahead

Northeast U.S. Digs Out After "Bomb Cyclone" Snowstorm
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loading... says once the sun pulls its next vanishing act come the 10th of February, rain and even some snow will begin moving into the region.

Currently, the forecast is calling for rain on the 10th, which will then change into snow showers the following day. Snow is in the forecast from Sunday, February 11 until the 10-day forecast runs out on Tuesday, February 13.

Temperatures are currently slated to hover in the mid-30s.

Also, has kept an ongoing record of weather conditions over the past few months and, according to them, the last time Utica enjoyed a lick of weekend sunshine was on December 16.

However, the last time we enjoyed a full weekend of sunshine was Saturday, September 30, and Sunday, October 1. That also marked the last time the region enjoyed at least 3 consecutive days of sunshine, too.

And, as we all know, a few weeks after that, people began noticing that it only rained on the weekends.

As for when we will finally see the rainy weather dial back and make way for more sunny days, that's a question for our experts. So, check in to WIBX's Keeler in the Morning when he chats with WUTR's Chief Meteorologist Craig Flint.

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