Did you know you can find one of the world's largest Walmarts in New York State?

A multilevel adventure awaits at the Crossgates Commons in Albany. You can shop rollback deals and other steals at Store 2152, located at 141 Washington Avenue.

This particular Walmart spans 266,000 square feet across 2 floors. Estimates say the store is 40% larger than your average Walmart supercenter, at least.


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It opened back in 1994 and a Sam's Club used to operate at the same grounds, but on the lower level. Instead of leasing out the bottom floor property to a new store when Sam's moved out in 2008, Walmart cut a hole in the floor and expanded into a mall-sized attraction.

To date, it's just one of the handful of 2-story Walmarts.

Check out this viral video that takes you inside this unique Upstate attraction.

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The Walmart is literally like a mall, complete with elevators and escalators to connect shoppers to its two levels. Of course, there's even an escalator (called a "cartalator") just for shopping carts, so no one is inconvenienced.

The ground floor is focused on selling groceries, which technically makes it one of the largest supermarkets in the Empire State. Meanwhile, the upper level is geared toward appliances and supplies.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM


For those who loved spending time in Walmart's entertainment center to try out all the new games or peruse their wall of televisions, you can only imagine how much bigger it is inside this king-sized attraction.

The store employs over 350 associates, according to Walmart World, and hires a lot more during holidays and other busy seasons.

The store has become a pilgrimage site for tourists, who are often skeptical of the store's size until they walk through its doors.

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This particular Walmart is also active in the community due to its proximity to SUNY Albany, which has over 17,000 undergrad students.

It's also teamed with Albany Medical Center for the Children’s Miracle Network and it donates regularly to the local police and fire departments - including locally-run organizations.

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While Albany claims the title for having the biggest Walmart in America, apparently there's an even bigger store in China. According to Cheapism, you can find a 1.2 million-square-foot shopping center in Zhuhai.

For those who need a size comparison, it's about the same size as 8 Costco stores.

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