With warmer weather on the way, watch out for certain critters that may be lurking under the hood of your car.

Animals That Can Be Found in Cars

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Recently, a coworker asked me if I wanted a kitten. He explained he found the little guy outside and was hoping to find the tiny ball of black fluff a good home. I had to decline since my cat is strictly a one-pet only personality.

That kitten, I am sure, will have no problem getting adopted.

Cats and kittens have been known to show up randomly in cars, especially in the engine compartment. Videos have gone viral of people extracting the felines from the nooks and crannies of their vehicle.

But cats aren't the only creatures one can mysteriously find in their vehicle and, unfortunately, a majority of them are an unwelcome sight.

Watch out for These 7 Creatures That Can Hide in Your Car in New York

Warmer temperatures means more wild animals will be out and about - and some of them might wind up in your car. While some may be seeking the warmth that's radiating from your engine, others may be enticed by the smell of food if you have a tendency to snack while driving.

Here's the critters that are most likely to show up uninvited under the hood of your car - or worse - inside your vehicle if you're not careful.

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There are far more kinds of creatures that can get into cars, but these seem to be the most annoying.

Cars can also become infested with bugs like fleas or cockroaches - but they don't cause nearly as much damage as the creatures mentioned above.

Keeping Animals out of Your Car in New York

The best thing one can do to prevent an unwanted guest is to not leave your car idle for too long. Abandoned cars tend to be magnets for critters hoping to find a safe and sturdy home.

Once inside, critters can cause damage by eating the wires or destroying the interior, which could cause up to thousands of dollars in damages.

Cars parked near sources of food and water are at a greater risk of inviting a squatter. If you have a birdfeeder or pet food nearby, you might want to check up on the vehicle you haven't driven in awhile.

Good thing is, if these critters don't have what they need to survive when living in your car, they will move on to find a better spot to crash.

You can also "evict" unwanted tenants by parking in the hot sun and rolling up the windows to make the interior uncomfortably hot.

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In the end, prevention is key to keeping animals out of your car. The best way to do that is keep it clean on the interior and exterior, have some repellant handy should you need it, and to drive your car regularly to shake up the critters and give them the scare of a lifetime.

If taking matters into your own hands isn't your style, you can always call a professional to do the job for you - for a price.

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