New moms across New York would pay $1,560 for this one single thing.

Let's be honest, it's not much of a shock either. Moms would pay that bill to guarantee a good night’s sleep, according to a new survey from Mixbook.

Mixbook released a survey of 3,000 new moms to uncover just how much these sleep-deprived heroines would hypothetically pay for the golden ticket, a good night's sleep. The responses paints a picture of just how precious a few hours of sleep are to a new mom.

Here's some stats from the survey:

- 58% of new moms admitted it was tougher to handle than they’d anticipated.

- 2-in-3 moms are hesitant to use AI for settling their babies.

- On average, new moms across New York would be willing to pay up to a staggering $1,560 for just one night of good sleep.

Mixbook asked another question in the survey too- Given the choice, would new moms prefer one night of uninterrupted sleep or an entire day to themselves? The results were mixed, with 58% opting for the coveted night of perfect sleep. Meanwhile, 42% would choose the luxury of a whole day to indulge in self-care or leisure.

Nearly half of the moms surveyed were curious about sleep coaching, with 22% considering it a viable option to manage sleep deprivation. However, a significant 78% chose to steer through the sleepless nights on their own.

Finally, the survey found that nostalgia for pre-baby night time routines is strong, with many missing the simple pleasures of reading, watching TV, taking long baths, and socializing. You can read the full story online here.

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