A new authentic BBQ joint is coming to Central New York. Here's what we know about Backdoor BBQ:

A soft opening is planned within the next few weeks in the City of Rome. Starting off, Backdoor will just be doing deliveries only while their new spot is being renovated. The location will be released at a later date. There is a current restaurant in the building where they will be in. We have reached out to them to get more details on their menu and options, and where the location will be. Here's a look at their menu via Facebook:

Backdoor BBQ
Backdoor BBQ

Some of the comments online show residents are very excited:

Amanda Hartman- "Finally something different!! So excited!!!!"

Heather Pacicca- "Yesss!!! We can't wait!!"

The owner shared this with us:

Everything will be slow smoked. No family secrets. Just a passion for food. Wanted to give the city something it doesn’t have. We have so many of the same type of restaurants it’s hard to choose which one to go to. We wanted to be different and give people a new flavor in the city. We’re going to try some different things as we go. We’ll have specials and I’m sure add and remove items as we go.

The amount of love and support we have received in just 2 hours after releasing the menu has been unbelievable. We are getting really excited to show off some special food.

New Yorkers Vote Favorite BBQ Sauce

While we wait for more info from Backdoor BBQ, did you know New York residents have a favorite BBQ sauce?

Smoked BBQ Source, a trusted resource for barbecue guides, recipes, and product reviews, set out to conduct an extensive survey among 3,000 BBQ enthusiasts. Their mission? To identify once and for all the most celebrated BBQ style sauce across the country. For New York State we had a clear winner:

#1 Arizona Style Sauce- Topping the charts is the Arizona Style Sauce. This sauce is described as the John Wayne of BBQ sauces, bold and smoky, with a chili pepper lasso that wrangles any wild meat into submission. It's got more kick than a mule with a cactus thorn in its side. The real question, have you ever tried this?

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