Ah, pole dancing.


As a young lass growing up, I remember how if one were to even think about the idea of "working the pole" --as it was called in the late 1900's-- even the idea would be frowned upon as an un "respectable" form of dance. Of course, this is "compared" to ballet, jazz, tap and liturgical. Pole was considered "gentlemen's club" fare and only that.

Now as a more seasoned human, I've seen some things, namely, most movies J Lo has starred in, but most specifically, the film Hustlers.

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There's a scene in the film where J Lo does this dance that was so epic, there are actual classes that teach only that. Or some such. It's beyond.

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And it seems, since (maybe before) the pandemic, most if not all of the stigma surrounding "working the pole" has gone the way of most olden days ideas.  Pole and other aerial classes are popping up in yoga and dance studios in just about every city you can think of. It's a whole world phenomenon. If you search pole dancing on Insta, you'll find a plethora of artists and genders and genres that truly takes the athleticism of pole dancing to the next level.

So What is Pole Dancing?



Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. The origins of pole dancing can be traced back to the ancient Indian sport of Mallakhamb. This performance art form takes place not only in gentleman's clubs as erotic dance, but also as a mainstream form of fitness, practiced in gyms and dedicated dance studios. Amateur and professional pole dancing competitions are held in countries around the world.


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This is what Mallakhamb looks like.

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