Time to check your pantry, you'll be in a world of pain if you eat this soup.

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is releasing yet a new nationwide health alert, this time in the soup aisle. Though most problems usually come from the meat section of the store, soups are no exception to recalls. Especially when a company doesn't follow the proper protocols.

Bowl of squash soup

Ready-to-Eat Meat Soup Health Alert

This newest public health alert is being issued because a number of ready-to-eat meat soup products might have been made, packed, or handled under insanitary conditions. Not only is the soup possibly contaminated, but it could also spoil before it's listed expiration date because of it.

FSIS is advising anyone with the soup to NOT eat or serve the product. They are not issuing a recall because the products are no longer being sold in stores. But that doesn't mean someone might still have it in their home.

USDA Issues Health Alert for These Soups in New York State

The USDA has issued a Health Alert, advising anyone with these soups to throw them out. A bacteria found within the product is causing the soups to expire early, far before their listed expiration dates.

Below are the soups included...

The complete list of products subject to the recall can be found below:

  • “Ivar’s PUGET SOUND CLAM CHOWDER WITH BACON” (48-oz. packages containing two 24-oz. cups)
    • Use By dates 4/26/2023, 4/27/2023, 5/3/2023, 5/4/2023, 5/5/2023, 5/11/2023, 5/23/2023, 5/30/2023, 6/2/2023, 6/6/2023, 6/7/2023, 7/5/2023, 7/20/2023, 8/1/2023, 8/10/2023, and 8/17/2023.
  • “Ivar’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup” (48-oz. packages containing two 24-oz. cups)
    • Use By dates 5/9/2023, 5/19/2023, 6/16/2023, and 7/18/2023.
  • “Ivar’s Rustic Zuppa Toscana Italian Sausage and Vegetable Soup” (48-oz. packages containing two 24-oz. cups)
    • Use By dates 4/30/2023, 5/2/2023, 5/14/2023, 5/15/2023, 5/21/2023, 5/22/2023, and 5/30/2023.
  • “Ivar’s PUGET SOUND Clam Chowder WITH BACON” (20-oz. cup)
    • Use By dates 4/26/2023, 5/5/2023, 6/6/2023, 7/20/2023, and 8/10/2023.
    • Use By dates 5/4/2023, 7/5/2023, and 8/1/2023.

The company first caught the problem when multiple customers called, complaining the packages were bloating and spoiling early. After lab testing, they fond the products had a high level of spoilage bacteria.

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Luckily, no one has gotten sick from the soup yet. But the USDA is still advising anyone with the soup in their house to immediately throw it out.

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