Paper towels in the fridge? Why would you put paper towels in the fridge? There are actually plenty of reasons.

Those rolls are more useful than just cleaning up spills. They have plenty of benefits and every New Yorker should be putting them in their refrigerators.

Keep Fruit Fresh

Paper towels can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Just line your crisper drawer or place one in the bottom of a bowl and top with fruits or vegetables. It'll help absorb all the moisture and make them last longer.

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It also works in ziplock bags. Just place your head of lettuce with a paper towel inside a bag, zip up, and voila! Longer-lasting lettuce.

No more tossing out moldy, old fruits and vegetables.

Credit - Engin Akyurt/Unsplash
Credit - Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

Sucks Up Odors

Move over baking soda. There's a new odor sucker in town. Just like absorbing the moisture in fruit, paper towels also suck up all the odors from inside the fridge too.

No more stinky onions or stench from that leftover meal you may have forgotten about.

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Credit - Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash
Credit - Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

Stay Cool

A cool towel on a hot day is very refreshing. It'll help bring down your body temperature. It also works great on a sunburn.

Who knew paper towels had so many uses?

Now, as for that food that gets pushed to the back of the fridge, forgotten about, and has started to grow mold. Well, that I can't help you with.

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